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Girl's Side love

A blog dedicated to all three Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side games :) If you enjoy the lovely dating sims, feel free to follow!
(This blog is currently on hiatus, but asks are still very welcome~)
Nov 28 '13

Anonymous asked:

can i ask you one important thing? please, source the artist if you are reposting from pixiv!

Hi. Almost all posts are already sourced back to Pixiv. If you click on an image on the blog it will lead you right to the original site and you can get to the artist’s page through there as well. :)

I try to never forget to add sources since giving credit really is important and I too despise unsourced reposts. But it seems I still forgot a link on a post or two? It would be a great help if you linked those to me, I’ll see if I can find the original artist and if not, I’ll take the unsourced images down. (If the hotlinks on the images don’t work though, then I don’t know what’s up. Sorry D:)

Thanks for the message!

Oct 27 '12

randominiqueen asked:

hey when is the release of tmgs3 english patch :) any news or updates ? :)

No updates to report as far as I know, sorry! Gokusaishiki has said they won’t give a release date, but will inform on their site when the patch is ready. If you’re interested though, you can check their forums for general discussion. :)

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